Stabroek Market

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Stabroek Market

Don’t miss your chance to take a tour to Stabroek Market Square. Half of Stabroek Market is built on land, which has been re-claimed from the river. There has been a public market in this area since 1792, but the present building dates from 1842, it was expanded in 1881.

The Stabroek Market was built of cast iron and shipped over from Holland where it was made. The structure was originally intended for Georgetown’s train station. During Colonial times, the ‘powers that
be’ and elite forbid their children from visiting the market for fear of them being indoctrinated with ideas from the lower classes.

Nowadays Stabroek is a hub of activity where almost anything can be bought. I do hope you enjoyed this short tour with me. There are lots more interesting places to visit. Should you require a longer more detailed tour of our beautiful city, please do not hesitate to contact a local tour operator.