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Sunday, 20 January 2019

The Guyana Carnival Committee is a dynamic and diverse group of optimistic and excited people who are anticipating the official launch of our inaugural Guyana Carnival 2018.

This idea was birthed out of Guyana’s 50th Independence celebration when the country recorded thousands of arrivals of visitors to Guyana. The Minister of Tourism at that time, the Honorable Cathy Hughes had eluded to the fact that Guyana should capitalize on celebrating this event on a grand scale annually. With this call to action serving as the catalyst, the committee saw it fit to formulate a grand event to satisfy the demand of the masses. The event will be marketed heavily both locally and internationally in collaboration with media houses and event coordinators throughout the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

Carnival Guyana will provide a major economic boost to several industries, with taxi drivers to hairdressers, clothing stores to hotels and airlines to restaurants will see an increase in business. It will also bring about much-needed exposure to our local musicians and DJs.

Carnival is a well-known cultural phenomenon celebrated in several Caribbean and Latin American countries and is known for elaborate costumes, festivities, entertainment, and frolic. Participants engage in events and festivals such as premium fetes, cooler fetes, and boat rides. It is a much-anticipated season for revelry and enjoyment amidst all the troubles and struggles of life.

The theme for Carnival Guyana 2018 is “Genesis’, with the festivities being held during the period 18th-27th May. It is intended to be a destination event targeting those in the diaspora and others from around the world with world class events such as all-inclusive parties, concerts, boat rides, day tours and a grand costume day parade, through the beautiful streets of Georgetown, known as “mas”. The all-inclusive packages will include hotel accommodation, admission tickets, costume, food, drinks and day tours to the country’s most fascinating tourist sites.

A frequently asked question we wish to address is: what the difference between Mashramani and Carnival is? Mashramani is our local cultural festival “celebration after hard work” as defined by the Amerindians and celebrates Guyana becoming a republic. It is a cultural festival and parade to be enjoyed by all ages. Ministries and local companies participate in a float parade, which is then judged by a panel based on cultural themes.

Carnival is a series of events leading up to a one or in some cases 2 days “mas” or masquerade where revellers can frolic in an all-inclusive experience on the streets. A carnival is basically a “big private party” for adult revellers to enjoy events and then one-day carefree masquerading. We do not intend to cast a shadow or forget about our auspicious cultural festival in Guyana, we aim to expand tourism and show Guyana’s beauty, uniqueness, and unity through our private international event.

We look forward to bringing you an event like none other!

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