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Welcome to What’s Happening Guyana, the vibrant and leading “online entertainment premiere platform, where every post reflects Guyana’s rhythmic heartbeat. What’s Happening Guyana is a travel guide for both tourists and expats planning a trip or vacation to Guyana to immerse in the country’s dynamic setting, whether for an eco-adventure, business trip or local holidays or festivities.

What’s Happening Guyana also caters for local Guyanese who desire to learn and explore more about their native country, creating memories that last a lifetime.

What’s Happening Guyana is one of the most reliable guides to Guyana simply because it is produced by people who know the nation.

Our professional team of writers, editors, hosts, producers, videographers, and photographers have diverse experiences, background & perspectives. We couldn’t ask for a better or more diversified team to truly show readers and viewers the ins- and-outs of Guyana.

What’s Happening Guyana can assist anyone who wants to learn more about Guyana -whether they are out and about exploring and adventuring or relaxing while discovering more about our rich oil economy.

Our comprehensive coverage of Guyana including arts, culture, eco-adventures, accommodations, sports, transportation, aesthetics and more. What’s Happening Guyana can assist anybody in planning from a day trip or weekend get-away to a full-fledged adventure holiday or leisure vacation.

It may take a lifetime to fully explore everything Guyana has to offer, but we can show you where to begin. 


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